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Trish and George talk about:

  • Their story and how they came to choose Jim and Emily as coaches
  • How the experience with Jim and Emily has been different than their previous work with therapists
  • What the Internal Family Systems (IFS) coaching experience has been like
  • How their relationship has changed 
  • The real value they have seen from coaching with Jim and Emily
  • Advice for people who have a reluctant spouse/partner

Working With Jim and Emily

The Internal Family Systems (IFS) Experience

What's Changed


Value From Working With Jim and Emily

What to Say to a Reluctant Spouse

 Coaching This Client Led to Finding Her True Love and Marriage!

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After a deep-dive couple's Internal Family Systems (IFS) healing session with Jim and Emily, a couples coaching client texted us this: 

More Client Feedback

"I have been searching for over 40 years to overcome the emotional baggage that has weighed me down, and held me back from improving my life personally and professionally. I was very skeptical when I met Emily… another coach writing a self-help book and claiming that her methodology would finally cure me. I was worried it was another 're-parent your inner child'. Groan!

Boy was I wrong! I have no words for what we accomplished in just one deep-dive session. I feel like a 30-pound weight was lifted. Trust me: I'd been to counselors, 'talked' over the traumas and the issues, worked with energy healers, was told 'which chakras' were out of alignment. I mean everything. And still the issues were there. The critical voices just wouldn't stop. This also contributed to attracting the wrong men over and over again. 

In our first session, I reclaimed parts of my soul and life, and cleared some major burdens and beliefs taken on as a child: “I'm supposed to be alone; happiness always costs; better to keep people at a distance than to get hurt when they leave”. The system she uses is like nothing I've experienced before. I can't recommend it highly enough. And Emily herself was a big part of the equation for me. She holds the space and has great empathy in a way that honors the process. The more I coached with her, the more I released. I keep feeling better and better about myself. Emily is truly a magician. 

I came home to my true self. I reclaimed the soul I lost through my traumas. I finally feel WHOLE. My confidence and self-image have skyrocketed and now I know for sure that I can unleash the best of who I am and attract the ideal partner. I am literally transforming from the inside side. Emily continues to be my mentor as I do the scary things to take my life to the next level."

~ Gail, MD, MBA, FACEP

"I was stuck in a bad place for a long stretch and not manifesting what I wanted despite spending a lot of money on the personal development programs of well-known gurus. After reading Emily’s book, I felt a need to dive deeper and identify the parts of me still frozen in old memories—memories that were holding me back from living the great life I desired.

Emily guided me to erase the negative programming that held me back, allowing me to release the old burdens that weighed me down and drained my energy.  I feel lighter and have greater joy about who I am in the present and what is possible for me in the future.  Soon after I completed my coaching sessions with her, I had a new focus and clarity that enabled me to manifest exactly what I wanted. The modality of coaching she uses is truly magical to unleash the real me that is now in the driver’s seat of my life."

~ Patrick, MD, MBA

I was stressed and couldn’t shake the “dirtiness” of my past which held me back from moving forward and showing up as my best self.

Working with Emily helped me to “cleanse” the dirty past. I feel happier and “cleaner”. Others notice the difference and say I am “happier and lighter”.

It’s like the light bulb of the real me finally got turned on. I’m laughing more and I’m more animated and confident. Now I prioritize myself and I’m able to stop myself from being victimized by others. I’m grateful for the breakthroughs that Emily was able to achieve in just one 3 hour session. This has positively changed the course of how I feel about myself and how I show up.

~ Margo, 48

I was stuck in the place of blaming myself for cheating on my wife and causing the divorce. Emily helped me to understand the higher-level perspective that it takes two to tango and cause conflict, that my ex had a role to play in not knowing how to be in feminine energy and ask for what she needed. I wasn't taught how to be a man and she wasn't taught how to communicate to a man so he can lead her well. 

I went from a lost soul who felt like a failure and finally became a sovereign and vulnerable "knight" where I became the confident man who knows how to lead, hold space, and communicate authentically in my post-divorce relationships.

~ Ted, Pharmaceutical Executive

“Did you ever have the feeling of being stuck and unmotivated, even though everything is supposedly going your way? When I first met Emily, I had just received funding to start my dream business and my wife had just given birth to our second child. I felt better than I had in years, and yet a part of me still felt unhappy, unmotivated, and undeserving of success. I felt held back, and I could not figure out why. Emily coached me using a cutting-edge technique and it was nothing short of miraculous! In just a couple of deep-dive sessions, bad memories and insecurities that had held me back for my whole life suddenly lost their power, and I began to feel a kind of lightness and joy I had never experienced before and that lasts to this day. Now, I experience a baseline level of happiness and resilience in the face of negative events that I never thought possible before Emily took me through her program. And... my business took off to a level I never thought was possible because I got out of my own way.”

~ James, 49, Real Estate Developer

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