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You will not attract what you want, you will attract who you are. 

If you haven't manifested your dream relationship, you need to identify the beliefs programmed into your subconscious as a result of devaluing emotional childhood and young adulthood experiences. Watch the video series below where Emily guides the client (using the Internal Family Systems healing model) to identify, heal, and erase the old programming that prevented her from attracting her soulmate. (The client attracted her soulmate 5 months later.)

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Hilarious: Your Parts in Action During Dating (and Relationships)

If you wonder... "What do you mean I have parts inside of me? I don't get the Higher Self and Parts concepts." This hilarious (but also offensive, not politically correct, and definitely not PG-13) video, written and directed by Peter Calloway, will show you what is meant by PartsThis dating scene video illustrates how the inner world of your parts helps you make decisions. (Don't miss the ending!)

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